Friday, March 19, 2010

just call me Michelle Kwan.

Since I didn’t sleep very well last night, 7 a.m. was a slightly inconvenient time to wake up. Nevertheless, up I got and off we went! I worked in the back of the arena this shift, so I sadly didn’t get to see even a second of the game. If USA had been playing, I probably would have been upset…but considering it was Sweden and Italy and I had already seen both of those teams play, I wasn’t too sad. I actually enjoyed the down time! I had to stand up at my post for about the first two hours of the shift, but the rest of the day I was sitting in a comfy chair where only a few people were allowed. I was lonely and bored, though, so every person who passed by me (all 12 of them) got a huge smile and a super excited, “HELLO!” because I had to take advantage human contact while I had the chance. I got a lot of weird looks and one guy even asked me if he could have some of what I was on. Too bad I’d heard that line about a million times before. I don’t understand why people get all crazy when they meet a happy person—are there really that many sad people in the world? I sure hope not!

Overall, this workday was great. I even got visited by Amir and James on a fairly regular basis. They made sure I had plenty of coffee and hot chocolate to drink. At all times. James even gave me two pins (a new obsession that I have recently picked up) and promised me that he would bring me one tomorrow. He also handed me one of his business cards that had his cell number strategically written on the back of it. Smooth. Honestly, James isn’t a big flirt—he’s super nice! He’s totally unlike Amir, who is constantly asking me what I’m doing later in the evenings and suggesting things that we could do after our shifts. Today’s suggestion: bike riding. How clever.

One of my friends who has been in several of the same groups as me, Nathan, brought me a present today! I had told him about my new infatuation with hockey and how I was going to the Canucks game last night, and he brought me an official Canucks hockey puck! He absolutely made my day! We weren’t on the same shift today, and today was actually his last day working, so it was kind of like a going away gift. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever!

Fact: I am already dreading saying all my goodbyes tomorrow. I feel the tears slowly creeping in.
Anyways, now that that’s out of the way, our shift ended at 4:30. Right before we left, I ran into James one last time, and he told me that PRINCE EDWARD was at the game! I was freaking out until I got sad because I realized that I was leaving and wouldn’t be able to see him. Thanks for making my day and ruining it all at the same time, James!

We got back to the hostel around 5ish, made some spaghetti for dinner, then headed down to Robson Square for…ICE SKATING! I was so pumped, especially since I hadn’t ice skated in like two whole years! It was so much fun, and I didn't even fall! SWEET! Not even five minutes after I got on the ice, one of the workers skated up next to me and pretty much stayed right beside me for the rest of the night. His name was Steve, and he was an Environmental Health major at BCIT in Vancouver. During our hour and a half conversation, I also learned that he played hockey AND was a huge fan of….the CAROLINA PANTHERS! Umm, really? He was even wearing a Panthers hat. Pretty sure he’s my favorite out of all my friend boys so far on this trip. Mostly because he didn’t act a fool and was a gentleman the entire time we skated. No need to worry, Teesh…you’re still (and always) my #1! I just think it is SO weird how everywhere I go there’s always someone. In all my 20 (almost 21 yay!) years, this have NEVER happened before. I’ve said it before…Canadians must just flock to curly blonde hair. Maybe I’ll try straightening it tomorrow…time for an experiment!

After ice skating, we went to get gelato! YUMMY!!!! I had one scoop of strawberry daiquiri on top of one scoop of sherbert! It was off the chain! Good thing we didn’t go to this place sooner because if we had, we would be there every single night. No joke. They had over 200 flavors and most of them enticed me like WHOA! I’m voting we go back tomorrow night, but maybe that’s just the fatty inside me trying desperately to get out. Either way, I’m down!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is our last shift. I mean, seriously, where has the time gone? I will admit that I am ready to see everyone back home and get back into the swing of things (a.k.a. make-up homework), but I really am going to miss this place! I’ve met some of the most incredible people up here, and I already know that they’re going to make it SO hard to tell them goodbye. Even in just two weeks, we’ve all become like family. And now, we all have to go our separate ways. I feel like I’m at summer camp all over again. The last day was always the worst!

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” I have always loved this quote because it is so true—people can survive this life without companions or friends, but that would be terrible! I am SO grateful for all the new friends I have made, as well as the old friends that I have gotten even closer to during this trip. I definitely don’t deserve all of the WONDERFUL people in my life!

Ciao! Until we meet again. : )

p.s. USA plays Japan for the GOLD MEDAL tomorrow at noon (3 p.m. Eastern time)! Be sure to cheer our boys to the win!

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