Sunday, March 14, 2010

happy birthday ALEX!

So remember that time I said I was going to sleep early last night? Fail. I was woken up at 11 o’clock by the sound of someone trying to get into our room. But that’s not even the best part…then I raised my head to see what was going on, and someone’s head was peeping in our room. Nervous breakdown? Almost. Christine jumped out of bed and opened the door but no one was in the hallway and there was a note stuck to our door that said “Please see front desk.” Kerri went with Christine to see what all the fuss was about and they came back up five minutes later to report that the hostel’s night supervisor was on her way up to dispose of our personal sheets and blankets we were using on our beds. And did I mention that she was rude? Because she totally was! She also claimed that we signed forms that told us we weren’t allowed to bring our own bedding. That would have been fine and dandy, except for the fact that we had no idea we weren’t allowed to have them and we sure as heck didn’t sign a consent form. Because I couldn’t fall back asleep until around 3ish, I had approximately two hours of sleep. Perfect for an 8-hour shift where you’re on your feet the whole time? Umm, not so much. Fortunately, she said we could have our confiscated items back when we checked out of the hostel. Unfortunately, we have to sleep on sheets that are less than presentable. Aside from that little fiasco, however, today ended up being awesome!

Our shift began at 7 o’clock this morning, and I got to be an usher today! Along with that job, I was able to watch the Italy vs. Norway sledge hockey game and the sold-out Canada vs. Sweden game! USA played at 5, so we weren’t able to stay for that…but we will soon enough! We beat Czech Republic 3-0, so there will definitely be other opportunities. YAY AMERICA!!!!

I don’t know what it was about today, but for some reason, the fellas were very persistent. Amir, one of the camera guys who was from India, kept bringing me coffee and hot tea throughout the day. He even taped me on the big screen, which (not gonna lie) was pretty sweet! That was my debut, ladies and gentlemen…Hollywood, you better watch out! Then there was Chris, from Germany, who not-so-gracefully came to stand beside me during the Canada game. We had a solid conversation for a good twenty minutes, and he offered to show me around town too many times to count. Also note: when Justin Timberlake played during the first intermission, he broke it down and exclaimed “I love J-Tim!” Yeah, that was all I needed to hear.

And thennnnn there was James, my Aussie man from yesterday. He walked all the way from the opposite side of the arena to see me—after he scoped me out among the crowd, of course. He even printed out a character synopsis of Kevin O’Donnell from Coyote Ugly, which was who I told him I thought he looked like. Wanna know what the best part of my day was? THAT RIGHT THERE! When he handed it to me, he said, “I was thinking about you and how you said I looked like this guy, so I did a little research. I guess if I’m Kevin, that makes you Violet, right?” Remember how I suggested that Teesh become more like that? Welp, it got even worse…I also found out that his name is JAMES! Pretty sure I nearly fainted when he told me.

Okay, aside from all that boy talk…my shift ended at 3 o’clock, we all hopped on the bus to Davie Street, and I laid on my bed for a couple of hours. And it was AWESOME! What encouraged me to get back up, you ask? Well, you see, I had to go buy my ticket to the CANUCKS vs. SHARKS game for Thursday night!!!!! YIPPEEEEE! (I told you…..I’m obsessed now.) So, Melissa, you know what that means…you will be there in spirit and I will yell EXTRA loud just for you!

After John, Bry, Nicole, Chris, and I got our tickets (YAY!), I jumped in the shower round 7 o’clock to start getting ready for a night out to celebrate Alex’s 21st!!!!!!!!! YAYUHHHH!

Where did we go first? Fountain Heads: one of the many gay bars along Davie Street. One thing’s for sure: I never thought my first time EVER in a bar would be experienced like this. Awkward? Other than the naked pictures on the walls, not really. Thank you, culture shock, for dropping by again tonight. I was able to try Canadian poutine, which is French fries, cheese, and gravy, and it was pretty daggum yummy! I would definitely eat it again!

After that, Kerri, Christine, and I had pretty much seen all we could handle for one night, so we made a pit stop at Tim Horton’s and headed back to the hostel. Nalani, Julia, and Sarah hung out in our room for a little while, and we just had a little girl talk about random things that girls talk about. Fact: I love those girls!
Now I’m all bundled up in my onesie, ready to get some sleep before we head to Whistler again tomorrow for our day off-especially since I didn't get any last night! So on that note, it’s time for my eyes to shut for a while! Gooooooodnight!

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