Sunday, March 4, 2012

john dukes.

These guys (and gal) have my heart. Seriously, they do. We lead worship together at Capstone Church, and we've grown to be more like a family than band members. Now, see the dashing (young) man with the red shirt standing to my right? Well, this is John Dukes. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, THE John Dukes. Not only is he gracious with us crazy nuts, but he's also madly in love with Jesus Christ and acts like he is daily. It has been one of my biggest honors to get to serve with him on Sunday mornings, but to also develop a friendship that I'm certain, without a doubt, will last a lifetime. He and his cute-as-a-button family have impacted Teesh and I in ways they'll never even know of, and we love them so very much.

John Dukes is the man every day, but he's even more the man when it's his birthday. And since he has officially entered into his third decade as of today, that makes him three times as much the man.

Happy birthday, Mr. Dukes.
May this day, and every day, be as much a blessing to you as your life is to me. I love you a whole lot!

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