Friday, March 9, 2012

two fellas.

Today marks another day that I get to be thankful for two more people in my life. March 9th is special for these two reasons: Meeeman and Aeydin. That's right, my not-so-little brother is officially nineteen and my adopted son (yes, in my own little world) is officially four. These guys make me laugh and smile and thank Jesus multiple times a day and even help me perfect my disciplining skills (also multiple times a day).

Meet Meeeman (known to the rest of the world as Freeman), my oldest wittle brudder:

And meet Mossy (known to the rest of the world as Aeydin), a little boy who started out as my student and quickly became the kid I constantly want to take home with me and make my own:

I love that I have so many people in my life that the Lord gives me opportunities to pour into. I hope they feel and see my love for them every single day, but especially on days like today. If I fail at everything else I do during my lifetime, I hope the one thing I do right is always be someone they look up to. I also hope and pray that they are always overwhelmed by the amount of love I give them.

So, happy birthday, boys! There is no way that I would ever want to walk through this life without either one of you. I'm thankful for ya'll and love you beyond comprehension!

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