Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a home for us.

On October 24th, 2012 at eleven o'clock in the morning, a couple of newlyweds closed on their first house, thus officially entering into adulthood. It was a cloudless day, our hands were more than ready to sign until they couldn't sign anymore, our hearts were about to explode with so much joy--more than we really knew what to do with other than just act like fools--and we were handed the keys to a cute little bungalow in the neighborhood I grew up in. This isn't our first home together, but it's the first place that we can call ours. All ours. We even have papers and debt to prove it, how 'bout that. :)

We sped out of the parking lot, looking at each other with the biggest smiles on our faces, and high-tailed it to our new residence, stopping only for a Chick-fil-a lunch, which we kept in the bag until we got home (ahh, home. doesn't that sounds so wonderful?) and ate it on the floor of our dining room. Fact: we'll never, ever forget our first meal in our first house. We had several visitors throughout the day, all of which made us beyond excited and overwhelmingly thankful for such incredible people in our lives, and we spent the rest of the day unpacking the U-Haul and organizing boxes upon boxes in each of our cozy rooms, stopping only to take pictures of the progress we were making and to smile at my super cute husband while he wasn't looking.

I can still feel the butterflies that were floating in my belly only seven days ago, and my eyes still light up each time I pull out my key to open up our front door. The Lord has been so good to us, and it is my most heartfelt prayer that He will be glorified through everything that happens inside the walls of this home. Over the course of my lifetime, I've probably passed this house at least ten thousand times, never once considering that it might one day be something I call mine; the mystery and sovereignty of my God blows me away, and Teesh and I are committed to dedicating every inch of it to Him. A new adventure has just begun for us, and we can't wait to watch how the Lord moves and stirs hearts along our journey of strengthening and building upon our current little family of two. He's going to show out, and it is going to be such an incredible blessing to watch it all unfold before our very eyes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here was our first look at this simple house becoming our simply wonderful home.

1 + 2. first look.
3. living room.
4. kitchen.
5. dining room.
6. bathroom.
7. master bedroom.
8. guest bedroom.


  1. Oh, Anna! It's so precious and perfect! So much character!!! SO incredibly excited for y'all!

  2. Congratulations!! Fill it with lots of LOVE! :)


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