Tuesday, December 4, 2012

falls creek trail.

The morning after we got back home from Haiti, we got up early to spend time with Jesus in our favorite setting: creation. We chose the Falls Creek Trail, located in between Jones Gap and Caesar's Head, and it was a short, tough trail with the most beautiful destination. It took us about an hour to make it to the 100-foot waterfall, and we carved our names in a log and spent some time in the Word before heading back to enjoy the rest of the day with our families. Seeking the Lord's heart is the deepest longing of our hearts, and I thank Jesus every single day for blessing me with a man who grows more and more in love with Him with each passing moment. I was given the most incredible husband, and that's something that I never want to take for granted. Being in creation with my favorite man always makes for one giddy girl, and I hope that's something I never, ever forget to be thankful for. Praise Jesus for how He loves and blesses us unconditionally!

Mmm, what a shame it would be if I ever forget to remember how good the Lord has been to me.

1 comment:

  1. Your sweet words about your husband and spending time pursuing God together make me so happy! I have never even met you two, but your relationship with each other and Him, give me hope for my someday-husband!


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