Friday, December 7, 2012

he perfectly blesses.

Every time we go to Wilmington, we always pass a particular little shop on Front Street that always catches our eyes. We used to jokingly say, "We're going to go in there one of these days," but had never made plans to actual do it. Until now, that is.

Allow me to introduce you to three new additions to our trio of friends.




He perfectly blesses, indeed. And now, not only do we know and believe that inside our heart of hearts, but we have it written on our feet, the lowest part of us, as a reminder that even when our heads are hung low, He still perfectly blesses. Always. Our precious friendship is just one of his immaculate blessings, and that one blessing has so many blessings tucked inside it that it's impossible to even begin to tell you about them all. Praise Jesus for his blessings, even the ones we can't see as blessings. May I never grow weary in living my life as the perfect blessing it has been since birth; in the midst of struggles and pain and disappointment, my Jesus has faithfully never left my side and continues to give me blessing after blessing even though I don't deserve one of them. This little mark is just so we don't forget.

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  1. Oh my gosh what a memorable experience!!! They look great!


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