Tuesday, April 9, 2013

brissy ridge trail.

The day after my birthday was Good Friday. In honor of such a glorious day, I went to my happy place, the one place I feel closest to my Creator: the trails. Teesh wasn't able to come with me this time, so I spent the afternoon with Jesus, just Him and me. While I was bummed Teesh couldn't accompany me, it was so refreshing to simply walk with the Lord.

I chose to explore Brissy Ridge Trail, one of the many trails at Paris Mountain. It was a short loop, only about two and a half miles total, and there were only a few others venturing with me. The first half was a straight shot, but the second half was completely uphill, meaning my legs and glutes got a small workout, too! Several other trails forked off from this one, so I've added more hopeful hikes to our list of potentials.

After the hike, I came home and was visited by my great aunt, Linda, my cousin, Laura, and her two sons, Luke and Micah. Such a wonderful surprise! The rest of my afternoon was spent swinging on our front porch reading the Word and meditating on how good my Jesus is! To top it all off, we had Night of Worship at Capstone, which was the perfect way to conclude such a glory-filled day.

This Good Friday was a good one, indeed, in so many different ways. It, also, made me wish Fridays were part of every weekend. Can I get an "Amen!"?

I hope yours way blessed, just as mine was! :)

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