Monday, August 11, 2014

almost done, folks!

When I got home from Nashville two weekends ago, this is what I found in our backyard:

Then, the following week, Teesh + Pops kept up the pace by finishing up the finishing touches on the rafters + other little odds and ends before moving on:

Once they got all the boards exactly (well, for the most part) how they wanted them, it was time for the plywood to go up:

And in between finishing up the plywood during the week of long evenings + hard work, the tin was ready to be picked up + put in its place:

In less than two weeks, a father + a son teamed up to put their eager hands to work as they diligently met their goals each + every day. Mama B even got to shoot a few nails into a few boards + play personal assistant to the small crew out back + capture every detail on camera, of course. Wilber (now known as Wuncle) came over one night and helped take care of business, too:

The Bargeron builders have made so much progress in so little time, and Teesh is so proud to have a new garage not only in the works, but also up + enclosed. Our list of to-dos gets shorter every day, and it won't be long now until this project is completely done. So exciting!

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