Saturday, August 9, 2014


In December, the Bargerons began their biggest home renovation yet, and this one has required the most patience and outside help than any other one so far. We began with tearing down, continued with cleaning up from the tearing down, continued still with some demolishing of concrete, and completed the preparation with one more round of tidying up again. One garage has been torn down, and a new one is officially in the process of being built in its place. Teesh has been saving for nearly a year to make this dream a reality, and we are so excited for it to finally be happening!

My big, strong husband prepared the building area for concrete to be poured: 

And, then, a couple of weeks later, the concrete guys came out to do some pouring:

I don't know if you can tell or not, so I will just go ahead and make it known: WE ARE SO EXCITED! Hopefully, in about a month or so, Teesh will be able to proudly say that he has a beautiful garage in his backyard that his fingerprints are all over, from the beginning to end. Yay!

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