Thursday, August 21, 2014

sulphur springs | round two.

This trail at Paris Mountain State Park was the third hike we embarked on when we began this tradition two years ago, and we decided it was a good weekend to stay close to home and try another round at Sulphur Spring Trail. It was a nice mixture of flat ground + uphill climbing, just as we remembered, and we had about four miles of trail to spend daydreaming about Baby B + talking about parenting. The weather was great, and more very-happy-even-more-thankful memories were made.

Living so close to so many beautiful places is pretty incredible, and it makes me so thankful to call this lovely area + city my home. Oh, how beautifully green are the leaves just before fall comes! Next month, there will be a lot more yellow + orange + red in every still frame I capture on camera.

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