Thursday, August 7, 2014

aunt ellybeth.

That's right, for the last thirteen weeks, Ellen now has a new name: Aunt Ellybeth. It's been so much fun to be friends with this lovely lady for the majority of my life, but it has also been so much more than that. She has played so many roles in my life throughout our fifteen+ years of friendship, always coming through for me when I needed a friend or a laugh or an escape or even just a simple smile. That weekend in Nashville was a weekend made up of a lot of new things, but the most meaningful part of all of the new was the old that was standing by my side, right where she's always been.

"I'll be your shoulder when you need someone to lean on, be your shelter when you need someone to see you through, I'll be there to carry you. I'll be there. I'll be the rock that will be strong for you, the one that will hold onto you when you feel that rain falling down. When there's nobody else around, I'll be."
-Reba McEntire

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