Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas eve on landwood.

This particular Christmas Eve was different than years past for several reasons: 1) the big girl got the comfy chair (insert "Oooo oooo!" line from Baby Mama here), 2) it was pouring down rain outside all day long, 3) Teesh was feeling rather icky, and 4) we didn't make it to the end of night because of number three. Nevertheless, the parts of the day that we were able to enjoy were splendidly Christmas-y! As always, we took our time getting out of our pajamas, and then mosied on over to Pop + GiGi's (formerly known as Daddy + Shannon) house for round one of the festivities. The presents + pictures + laughter were all abundant, and everyone was blessed with lots of things both wanted + needed. Side note: isn't it funny how the need overpowers the want with every year you get older? We had a great time, just as we always do, simply hanging out around the Christmas tree as we caught glimpses of the rain falling when we looked out the windows.

Next year will be the most fun yet as we all fix our attention on the little almost-one-year-old who will probably keep trying to pull down the Christmas tree. Let's hope we're all ready for the blissful chaos that is sure to come!

The girls smile pretty for the camera.

And the boys...well, they enjoy practicing their best mug shot faces.

Yep, these are my people.

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