Wednesday, December 17, 2014

making room.

In honor of our baby boy's expected arrival being exactly one month away from today, the Bargerons are proud to present the nursery that Braxton Michael will be sleeping in soon! Our goal was to have it completed by the end of November, and we were a week ahead of schedule with our dwindling list of to-dos. Since then, we have both been wandering in there from time to time (okay, okay, constantly) day dreaming about what it will be like to walk in and see our son laying in his crib or playing with his toys or reading books or (let's be real) destroying things. We diligently organized the room after each baby shower, making sure we didn't leave a mess to sort through at the end of shower season, and we are so excited to have clothes washed + folded + put away, diapers + wipes stored out of sight, books on his shelf, a changing station that is fully functional, and tons of little trinkets on the walls + put on display + tucked away in bins that mean so much to us.

This is what our guest room looked like before operation-make-room-for-a-baby began:

This is what it looked like after our fourth + largest baby shower at the end of October:

And, finally, here is the finished product with dashes of lime green + navy blue + white + brown everywhere:

The only thing missing now is a baby! Y'all join us in screaming out the countdown from the top of your lungs:

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  1. Love the little man toys and he has a library all ready for nightly reading. Now what about some music? He has to have his own special song to go to sleep by every night. He will remember that song his whole life.


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