Tuesday, December 23, 2014

third trimester progress | 35 + 36.

The days are dwindling down so fast, and it's hard to believe that in less than one month, we will most likely have a baby boy at home with us. WOW! This season of waiting has been unlike any other I've ever had, and my heart gets fuller every single day. Since our last update, I completed my final full semester of graduate school + had my last week as a babysitter (well, one who gets paid for it) + joined the Capstone band on stage for my last Sunday before I'm officially a mommy. These three things are especially important to me, making it extremely hard to let all of them go within the same week, but I survived every "goodbye for now" I handed out. Spoiler alert: I am the worst at goodbyes.

Before long, all this waiting will be over, and we will be a little family of three. I wish y'all could see my huge smile + hear my giddy giggle as I even type these words! This mommy-to-be is thrilled to have her little boy in her arms soon.

Monday, December 15th
Week 35 + Day 2
Baby B is the weight of a cantelope.
*About five-and-a-half pounds!

Monday, December 22rd
Week 36 + Day 2
Baby B is the weight of a kabocha squash.
*About six pounds!

25 days! 25 days! 25 days!

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