Thursday, December 11, 2014

third trimester progress | 33 + 34.

Our little Braxton is getting bigger every day! The rolls + jabs + squirms get more profound + dramatic with each new morning, and I hope he's as chubby-cheeked as I imagine him being. I love watching people's eyes meet my belly before they look up, and I know it will probably sound crazy to most folks for me say this, but I also love having people love on him. The "no touching my belly" rule definitely does not apply to this baby mama!

My bellybutton is now officially an outtie, and it has been an adjustment to see numbers on the scales that I have never, ever seen before, especially at such a rapid rate. I have to tell my mouth to close + my eyes to go back into my head as I remind myself that this is normal. With everyone constantly trying to shove food down my throat, I've gotten even better at saying no, which I honestly didn't think was possible. A key reminder that I have been chanting to myself since the very beginning, especially over the past few weeks, is self-control. Sure, I could eat whatever I want whenever I want, but I always try to keep this thought at the forefront of my mind: you won't be pregnant forever, Anna. Pregnancy is a time that our society tells us to go for it, but I'm choosing to cling to the truth in Colossians 3:23 instead: "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not men."

At this point of our pregnancy, the days are dwindling down quite rapidly. So fast, in fact, that in just a few more weeks, we'll be able to confidently say that Braxton could be here any day. It has been so fun to take these weekly snapshots of my growing bump, and it's hard to believe that there are only a few date nights left before the bump is gone and our baby is here with us.

As Braxton Michael gets bigger, Mommy does, too! Here's your proof from the last two weeks:
Wednesday, December 3rd
Week 33 + Day 4
Baby B is the weight of a honeydew melon.
*About four-and-a-half pounds!

Wednesday, December 10th
Week 34 + Day 4
Baby B is the weight of a pineapple.
*About five pounds!

I can't believe that in just six weeks, we will be parents to the most beautiful baby boy we've ever seen. We have controlled everything we can up to this point, and now we're simply trying to prepare ourselves as much as possible for the guessing game that is to come. As much as I love being organized + always-on-top-of-things, I am ecstatic to enter into this new season of never-have-I-ever as I become a mommy.

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