Monday, December 8, 2014

paradin' around town.

Last Wednesday was the annual Christmas Parade along Main Street in Fountain Inn, and we got to watch all the floats go by while sitting alongside many members of our family. Jaden + Trent were the candy grabbers, and they were happy to share with Baby Braxton all night long (Mama B was loving that, of course). Last year, we had the pleasure of being in the parade, and this year, we simply sat back + enjoyed seeing a lot of our beloved friends and family walking + waving to the crowd + yelling "Merry Christmas!" TJ even got to be in the same frame with the one + only Travelle Wharton, and we got to wave back to Mr. + Mrs. Claus to end the hour.

There is just something about seeing lights all around, especially during this time of the year, that makes  everything seem so majestic. Mmm, I sure do love Christmas time!

Only seventeen days until Christmas!

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