Tuesday, December 30, 2014

third christmas on brookdale.

This was our third Christmas at the bungalow, and sickness tried hard to mess things up for us. While this particular Christmas didn't look like most of the others that we've shared together, the joy didn't go anywhere. Nyquil kept Teesh asleep until nearly nine o'clock, but he got up + ate cinnamon rolls + opened presents before laying back down in hopes of getting rid of his fever + congestion. I, on the other hand, got up before the sun did and was able to spend some mommy + son time with Braxton as he wiggled + jiggled around inside my tummy. We got up to check on daddy multiple times throughout the night + morning, but we tried our best to just let him sleep in peace so that he would get to feeling better. Although my busy-body-tradition-loving self had to adjust to it, the rest we were granted on this Christmas morning was the perfect opportunity to practice something I'm not so great at: being still.

Teesh was a trooper as he opened his presents + smiled his best smile for the camera, and he was excited to get some new clothes to wear to school so that his students will stop pestering him about always wearing the same shirts + pants. HA!

I was extremely blessed on this Christmas morning, too! I opened up my presents under the tree to find the sweetest card that may or may not have made me cry, cozy socks (that are already packed up in my hospital bag, might I add), a frame for my license plate tag on my new mommy mobile, a gift card for a massage, and (drum roll please) tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Peace Center the day after Christmas. Hip hip hooray!

Before my poor wittle Teesh went back to bed, we took our fourth annual Christmas morning in front of the tree to commemorate our fourth Christmas as husband + wife, and we both giggled as we day-dreamed about what it will be like to have Baby B nestled between us in our picture next year. As much as I love our little family of two, I can't imagine how much it will mean to me as we begin to add new members to it, starting with our baby boy. Someone pinch me!

I hope your Christmas was as merry as ours was, and that the end of twenty-fourteen is, too!

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