Saturday, February 28, 2015

screams to smiles.

During our fourth attempt at bath time, TJ + I became even more aware of just how big our baby boy is getting. The three that came before this one were full of screams, each one with a few less screams than the previous, none so much as that very first one. Although this particular bath time began with those same screams we've been hearing, they only lasted a few minutes before the smiles and happy wiggles began. Our awareness of his increasing awareness to everything going on around him was displayed when, while he was screaming as I sprinkled him with water, I began talking to him + telling him all the good things about bath time. When he finally locked his eyes on me and paid closer attention to my voice + tone, he began to smile. Not too much longer after that, he started to "coo." Swoon!

It's, also, incredible how much he has grown just in the several short weeks between our first bath time and this one. He's getting chunkier every day, and his little body is filling out all over, especially his face (mmm, those cheeks!) + belly. I can't for daddy to fill the tub back up this afternoon for our weekly Saturday tradition so we can watch all the ways he has continued to develop just in the past seven days. I'm looking forward to putting my persuasion skills to good use again, and I'm even hoping for some giggles to be heard throughout the entire bungalow as he falls more in love with splish-splashing in the tub!

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