Sunday, October 24, 2010

it feels gooooood to be a Panther on days like today.

the ladies were all in blue.

and our tough guys were all dressed in black. we're professional color coordinators.

 Teesh and the Bank of America Stadium. two of my favorites.

 sweet Anna. oh, how I have missed this precious girl!
cheeeeeeeeese for the camera.

 our first game together of the season. good luck charms? maaaaaybe so.

 my Bryce is nearly grown these days. remember that time I'm getting OLD?

 anytime we get to go to a game with the Phillips clan, it's ALWAYS a treat.

big timers.

ahhhhh YES!

 killin' some Bojangles before the game. that's my boy.

 "Anna and TJ are here. Let's make 'em proud."

 we want this at our wedding reception so we can run through it when we leave. can anyone help us make this happen? please and thank you!

a handsome fancy and a wonderful afternoon of football. love it.


the victory arms in this picture are perfect. so great!

 ladies and gentlemen, the Panthers PURcussion! I think this is the most clever idea in the whole world.

andddddddddd it's time to head back to Simpleville.

JP called Teesh on Friday afternoon and said they had two extra tickets to the game and asked if we wanted to come with them...umm, OF COURSE we did! Eight of us piled into the Suburban and made our way (in record timing, thanks to our professional driver, Jon) to Charlotte to cheer on the Panthers as they played the 49ers. It was SO much fun to get to hang out with old friends we hadn't seen in a while!

I love football. I love old friends who, after you may not see for a while, feels like nothing has changed at all. I love showing off my left ring finger to people who haven't seen it since September 4th. I love my new Deangelo Williams (also known as my baby daddy) jersey. I love screaming and yelling and hootin' and hollerin' at the top of my lungs with thousands of other Panthers fanatics. I love sitting next to a complete stranger and becoming best friends with them after just four hours. I love watching drunk people make complete fools of themselves. I love spotting people I know almost everywhere I go. I love enormous hot dogs topped with chili, onions, and ketchup. I love buying souvenir cups and forgetting to get them out of the cup holder before I leave. Okay, maybe I don't love that last one, but the rest of them are at the top of my list of my most favorite things.

Today was wonderfully refreshing. I love days like today. :)

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