Saturday, October 2, 2010

tough day for Tiger football, perfect day for good company.

I got to spend another day in Clemson, also known as my favorite place in the world. It all began when I was just a teeny tiny little thing, dressed up in my teeny tiny little cheerleader outfit going to games with my Grandpa and Grandma. I'm orange and purple down to my core, and it only gets worse and worse with every year that passes.

I love football and chicken fingers and Jack Rogers and $5 nachos and sneaking into games and walking down the street just to pass a hundred people you know while you're on your way to your destination and Clemson orange and pearls and watching drunk people trip while they're walking up or down the bleachers and screaming until my throat gets scratchy and reminding my competitive fancy that it's just a game and ridiculously dancing to the music that plays during timeouts and frozen lemonades and Dabo Swinney and the most exciting 25 seconds of college football and looking forward to seeing the same people you see every week from August to November and running into people you haven't seen in years and hearing the Tiger Rag played every two minutes and having to parking a mile away from the stadium but loving it because that means I get to spend extra time holding Teesh's hand and so many other things that I could go on and on with.

Today was filled with all of those things. Oh, the bliss. :)

 I love my Allison!

 how is it possible that this is the Sydney that used to torment her big sister and me when she was a wee little girl? blows my mind.

 my precious Pagerina who I miss veeeeeeeeeeery much. ain't she purdy!

 our traditional girl picture. oh, how I love these beautiful ladies! :)

 yay for seeing Alicia! it had been waaaaaaaaaay too long since the last time I hugged her neck.

 Allison jumped in as I was swatting a bee away and I nearly knocked her drink out of her hand. thank you, Teesh, for capturing the moment. :-P

 reunited with our favorite couple!

 David Brooks, you are the peanut to my butter. :)

 win or lose, there is no place I love quite like I love Death Valley.

 surprise run-in with Evan? I'll take it! 

goodness gracious, I love me some Whitney Black! this is my most favorite Clemson girl in the entire world.

 Teesh did the blind man dance with me! Court Bourt, I know you'll appreciate this as much as I did!

 I love that I get to see seeeester and Lizard so often now that they're at Anderson. they make me oh so happy. :)

 in case you were wondering (or, perhaps, forgot), this is my FANCY! andddd I cannot wait to marry him! :-D

Clemson girls, best in the world.

October 16th can't get here soon enough.

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