Friday, October 8, 2010

there's nothing better than you and me together workin' on forever.

So Kenny Chesney's new album is pretty good. There are a few songs on it that I don't particularly care for yet, but a lot of them have the potential to all be my new favorite songs. There is one song called "Where I Grew Up," and I must make a confession: I burst into tears during the last verse when I listened to it earlier this morning for the first time. Don't worry, they weren't bad tears. They were actually as good as tears get. Here are the lyrics that got me all choked up (uh-uh huh):

See, I gained a little on Father Time
When me and her had our first big fight
I said some things, I made her cry
She packed all her stuff

The boy in me said let her go
But the man in me said pull her close
It was time to find out which one I was
Standing in the doorway holding on to love

Two nights ago when Teesh and I were talking on the phone, he said something I didn't like (I don't even remember what it was, so it must've been uber important), so I hung up on him. He called me back three times over a period of about fifteen minutes before I finally answered his call. I wasn't mad any more at this point, and the main reason that I didn't answer the two calls before was because I knew I had been a big baby and I didn't want to admit it to him. I also thought that he may have been upset with me for hanging out. Much to my surprise, I answered the phone (in my best pouty voice, of course) and Teesh answered back with a chipper "HEY!" Ummm, what? I don't know why Jesus blessed me with someone with such a relentlessly forgiving heart to spend the rest of my life with, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The verse in Kenny's song was exactly what Teesh and I talked about that night on the phone. He could have easily gotten mad at me and not called me back like we both used to do when we were in high school.  He was a boy and I was a girl who were selfish and dramatic, and it's amazing how just a few short years and a whole lot of experiences turned us both into a man and a woman who love each other for who we are and always talk through things, no matter how big or small they are.

It's so exciting to see the Lord working in both of our lives to get us ready for marriage. We've both still got a long way to go, but the best part about it is that we're doing it together. There's no one else in the world that I'd rather go through life hand-in-hand with. Sappy as it may be, no one could ever love me better or more whole-heartedly than my Teesh does. :)

"The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly."
-Peter De Vries

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