Sunday, October 10, 2010

yay for the Buddy walk! wait, where'd our buddy go?

What a wonderful Sunday funday this was. Any day I get to spend a whole afternoon with my P. Sawyer is always the best day ever. This particular day was just icing on the cake, because I got to hang out with her family, too! A little over a month ago, she invited me to walk in the 2010 Greenville Buddy Walk with the Pineros gang in honor of her sweet little brother, David, who has down syndrome. They've been participating in this event for years and years, and I was so pumped when she asked me to tag along!

I had never heard of the Buddy Walk until she told me about it. Shame on me, because it was so much fun and it really is a wonderful cause! I hope I get to be a part of this for a loooooong time and maybe even get to be more involved than just the walk. What would I do without great friends like Melanie Joy Pineros (better known as P. Sawyer) to always push to be a better person than I already am? I'd be willing to bet that she probably doesn't even realize how much she influences my life for the better, which is just proof that she's one of the best people on the planet. How blessed am I that one of the best people on the entire planet is my very best friends? Blows. My. Mind.

 sibling love.

 the sweet Pineros family. team DAVID, of course!

 lookin' gooooooooooood.

 look who walked right in front of us! yay for seeing the Owens/Long family!

 oh, oh, it's magic.

 how sweet is this?

 David getting his medal for being AWESOME.

 see what I mean? totally awesome.

 showin' off his bling.

 cutest. puppy. in. the. whole. world.

 these crazy cats were dancin' FOOLS!

 P. Sawyer, you so fierce.

 what pretty friends I have.

 meet my best friend David.

 our balance-the-cup-on-our-heads act. we'll be here all week.

 "let's take a normal one." umm, come again?

 fuh-hiiiiii-nally. Hales & P. Sawyer do LIFE. :)

oh you know, just the usual.

Check it out for yourself.  The Buddy Walk is something that everyone should get involved in, whether you know someone who has been affected with Down Syndrome or not. Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month, everyone! :)

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  1. HOW in the world did I know you'd already have this up?! I just do I suppose. I think it's one of those soulmate things--correct me if I'm wrong. Hales, let me say again that I am so glad you got to be a part of this--you could have done a bagillion different things with your Sunday afternoon, but you chose to do this and that shows how big your heart is! I can legitimately say my eyes welled up with tears-- I am humbled you would say any of this about me, because in truth you have no idea how much of an impact your integrity, example, love and devotion have had on MY life! I love you, Hales!!! HP do LIFE!


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