Friday, October 1, 2010

the day my B. Davis became a soon-to-be DeGarmo!

Tomorrow is the four-week mark for my sweet fancy and I being engaged. I always knew that it would be one of the most exciting times in my entire life, but until it actually happened, I had no flippin' idea just exciting it would be. It really is enough to nearly blow your mind, and having your friends and family there celebrating with you only adds to it.

When I heard the news about a week and a half ago that Jacob was proposing to B. Davis on October 1st, a surge of uncontainable excitement ran through my whole body for like five minutes nonstop. She and Jacob are absolutely precious, and all of us have known since the very beginning of their relationship that they were just two peas in a pod who would most likely end up together forever.

I think I got so excited because I could legitimately empathize with every emotion that I knew she was going to have. It's a feeling like no other, and knowing that she was going to be on cloud 239874897342905823 as soon as she saw him down on one knee in front of her tickled me to death. I'm tellin' ya, there is nothing in this whole world like it. That kind of joy is something that honestly can't be explained, and for one of my dearest friends to get to experience that just pumped me up! As usual, here is documentation of this wondrous evening, start to finished. I couldn't be more excited for my sweet, sweet friends who have just entered into the most thrilling experience of either of their lives to date!

 the evening began with P. Sawyer and I putting on our brand-spankin' new bracelets. oh hales!
 then the ATEAM came over to pre-game with some yummy KFC. nothing is better than a family dinner.
 next, we all hopped into the vehicles and headed over to Jacob's to let the festivities begin.
 patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the beautiful couple to arrive. my girls are the best girls!
 these two ladies make my heart so full with joy it's not even finny.
 the gang's all here! so excited to celebrate with our sweet friends.
 YAY!!!!!!!!! the future Mr. and Mrs. Jacob DeGarmo have finally arrived. just look at those huge smiles!
 no one deserves happiness more than these two incredible people!
 reunions with Drew are ALWAYS the best part of any day. the only thing missing here is Charlie's third angel. he's all the way out in Seattle, and BOY do I miss him!
 add another tally to "ENGAGED!" in the small group of ABS. we love our Amber (better known as B. Davis) so much more than words could ever say!
 what would a Hales/P. Sawyer moment be without a picture like this? this is quickly turning into a tradition, even though we never plan it. there is only one way to describe it: SOULMATES!
 come May 2011, these two fabulous people will be Mr. and Mrs. DeGarmo! YIPPEEEEE!
 there is some SERIOUS blingage in this picture. quick, everyone shield your eyes!
 P. Sawyer, B. Davis, and Hales. sing it with me now...'cause we're the three best friends that anyone could have!
Anna, Amber, and Melanie may be our names by birth, but that's pretty much it. we prefer Hales, B. Davis, and P. Sawyer. oh hales yes we do!

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  1. I always love our Hales/P. Sawyer/B. Davis pictures!!! I also love how every time I look down at my bracelet I am being reminded how blessed I am to have y'all in my life!!! AND I ALSO love Love LOVE YOU!!!


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