Wednesday, November 24, 2010

dear Christmas, I am SO ready for you to be here. hurry please! love, Anna.

Christmas is my most favorite time of year. Hands down. I literally daydream about decorations and the tree and what presents I’m going to buy and sometimes I even play a little Christmas music to ease my mind…even if it’s only February. I have a lot of favorite traditions for the holiday season, but there is one that will always be at the very tip top of my list: Christmas cards! I love coming home from a long day and finding a card waiting on the mantle just for me. Not only that, but it also tickles me to death to sit down for hours and make sure that all of the most important people in my life know that I hope they have the merriest Christmas they’ve ever had. I love it when people let me know they’re thinking about me, and I, in turn, find it so exciting to pass that love back to them.

This year, instead of doing my traditional Christmas cards, I thought it would be a super fun to do something of Teesh and me together, and since pictures make me happier than any other material object, what better way to embrace this season of preparation of marriage than to send out some of our favorites from over the years to our family and closest friends? I can’t wait to get them ordered and sent out with every ounce of our love sent along with them!

Shutterfly was the obvious choice for cards. I’ve ordered several things from them over the past few years, and I’m pretty sure that they will be the source for all of our future Christmas cards, starting with this year’s! They have such a HUGE selection to choose from and, honestly, it’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all so stinkin’ cute. Here are some of my top choices:

See a theme? :) I love bright colors and fun fonts and lots of room to add different pictures and snowmen and Christmas trees. I don't know which one I am going to pick when it's all said and done, but one thing's for matter which one we decide to go with, I'm going to L-O-V-E it and probably keep a few for myself...just because!

Our engagement pictures will definitely play a role on our card, too, which makes me UBER happy. As a gift to me right after we got engaged, Teesh took all the pictures from our engagement and the party afterwards and compiled them into a photobook, which he designed and purchased through Shutterfly. Angie [my future mother-in-law] also had a photobook of us awaiting our arrival at the party on the night we got engaged, and that was also a Shutterfly creation. They're my favorite books to flip through, and Shutterfly did an INCREDIBLE job on making sure the quality of both books were exceptional. I can't wait to see how great our cards turn out to be!

In addition to Christmas cards, Shutterfly also provides opportunities for you to make calendars, coffee mugs, and invitations to holiday parties. You can click on the links to see some of my favorites!

I am SO excited that Christmas is right around the corner, closely following Thanksgiving [which is TOMORROW!], and I'm aaaaaaalso pumped that Shutterfly is getting into the Christmas spirit right along with me! T-minus 30 days. YAY!

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  1. did sutterfly pay you for advertisement?? if not they should.


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