Monday, November 15, 2010

our first bend in the road.

About a week and a half ago, Teesh and I made a pit stop at Rooms-To-Go in between dinner and our movie (yay for date nights!). We had an hour to kill, so we took our time strolling through all the "rooms" and ended up falling in love with two of them: a living room set and a dining room table and chairs. The living room package came with a sofa, a love seat, two end tables, and a coffee table, and it was being sold at a phenomenal price (which made it even more appealing, of course). The dining room set was at priced even better than the living room, and it was exactly what we wanted: dark brown, square, and tall (poor TJ is too big for regular-sized tables...HA! Plus, I'm pretty obsessed with them, too!).

We talked to my parents and asked if they would help us buy the living room for Christmas, and they said YES! Excited much? Umm, heck yes! Shortly after Christmas, we will have our very own living room furniture for our first very own home together. Holy smokes, it's still hard to believe, even after two months, that we're actually getting married. It's not just an idea anymore--it's legitimately happening in a little over 8 months. And not only have I graduated from college and now have a full-time job, but now I am about to be a wife. It seriously feels like I closed my eyes for two seconds when I was a little girl and BAM, here I am all grown up. Straaaaaaange. But, once again, SO EXCITING!

Okay, back to what I was saying before I got lost in another one of my crazy tangents, so the living room is well on its way to being ours. Teesh and I also decided that instead of putting my first couple of paychecks straight into savings, we would go ahead and buy the table so we could scratch that off our to-do list. Thennnnn we thought it would be a good idea for me to apply for a credit card and use it to buy the table, because I have zeeeeero credit (who knew credit was so important to have? Pshhh, I sure didn't.). I told him that the very second I got the card, we were going straight to the store to buy it (just in case), and that he was on-call for the next few days to drop everything in Clemson and speeeeeed to Greenville so we could buy it together. Sounds like a pretty great plan, right?

Yep, that's what we thought. It was the perfect plan until I got the card in the mail today, Teesh drove to Greenville right after I got off work, he and Shannon and I went to Rooms-To-Go to make our first big purchase, and what happens? The table is gone. AND out of stock. I mean, really? What we thought would be one of the most exciting days ever turned into one of the most disappointing. Booooooooo. Even as I write these words, some three hours later, my heart is still aching with frustration and thoughts of "if we'd only bought it when we first saw it." I absolutely hate regret, and it is pretty much consuming me right now. That's the down side of being decisive--knowing what you want and not being able to get it.

The bad news: we didn't get the table that we wanted and now we'll probably have to spend double the money to get one we really like. The good news: I now have a credit card (that I will use responsibly, for those of you who may be wondering), we are still going to get our living room set, we will find a table that we love even more than the last one and we still have eight months to pick one out, I got to see Teesh for really no reason at all tonight (always the best treat ever!), AND I bought my Harry Potter ticket tonight.

All in all, life is goooooooooooood. Actually, I changed my mind. Life is SO much greater than I could ever deserve. And even when it doesn't feel like it, it still is. Boy am I thankful for a God who's got the whole world in his hands. :)

Rule number one is, don't sweat the small stuff.  Rule number two is, it's all small stuff. -Robert Eliot

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