Sunday, November 21, 2010

a weekend celebration for Teesh's twenty-second year.

 family dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. yummmmmmmmmmy!

 after dinner, we met Gable, Stephen, and Carson at the Union to do some bowling & they already had our names programmed for us. aren't they presh? :)

 getcha game face on.

 I L-O-V-E-D that they programmed him as Teesh! made my whole night!

the handsome fellas I got to spend Friday night with.

how is this the only picture I took of us on his birthday? I am so ashamed.

 Saturday night celebration: Frankie's!

 look who decided to join us.

 we took Brad & Keith's advice & started a band. Melly on the electric, Wilber on the bass, and me on vocals.

 I can feel the love, can't you?

my favorite fall leaf color. mmmmm, warms my heart.

 they love it when I make them take pictures like this.

 a hole-in-one for the birthday boy!

 aaaaaand another one!

 I even got one. [p.s. that never happens]
notice how we're all jumping? yeah, they loved me making them do that, too! :-P

 what's a trip to Frankie's without a round of minigolf? so much fun to spend time with family!

Zack even stopped by to hang out with us for a while!

 I wuv you, wittle brudder.

 Bobcats vs. Celtics. and who do you think won? refer to the picture below.

 that's right, ladies and gentlemen. I SKUNKED him.

 I guess this game was pretty popular for our gang.

skeeball: the ultimate arcade game! that'll never change.

we all got these handy dandy eye patches for one ticket a piece. ARGHHHHHHH!
 sibling love. we missed our other boys though!

 match made in heaven, don'tcha think? I doooooooo. :)

can't do anything with these two boys when they get together.

This was the first birthday I got to call him my fancy, and it'll be the last. The next time November 19th rolls around, he'll be my HUSBAND. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE! I can't believe that the first birthday I ever celebrated with him was his fifteenth, and he's already twenty two. He fills my life with so many unbelievable blessings, most of which he isn't even aware of.

This is definitely going to be the best year yet. Hellooooo to another 365 days of being in love with the most amazing man I've ever known. I can't wait to see how this year unfolds, for him and for us. :)

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