Sunday, August 18, 2013

new do, new you.

Yesterday afternoon, talk became reality when I shaved all of TJ's hair off. Yep, you read that right; Teesh has no bangs for the first time in about fifteen years. He's been saying that he wanted to cut it before we left for Haiti, and he got nervous right as I turned the razor on. I was freaking out, too, because as long as I've known him, his hair has always been the same. It took me several minutes to actually put the razor to work, but I did, indeed, complete the task at hand (applause). It only took about fifteen minutes from start to finish, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I still recognized him as the handsome fella I've always known him to be! But don't take my word for it; go ahead, and see for yourself.

Dannnnnnnng, my man is fiiiiiiiine!

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