Tuesday, August 20, 2013

gag reel.

We couldn't cut all of TJ's hair off without having a little fun, of course. I cut the sides, grabbed the mousse, and experimented with some different options (as a good hairstylist does, of course). He really wanted to keep the mohawk, but his audience voted against it; at least he had one for several minutes, right? :) This reminded me of the time we were seniors in high school, and I did the styling without the cutting (documentation provided). Teesh is always up for someone to play in his hair and rub his head, so he was lovin' every minute of it right alongside me. Melanie and Dustin were there, too, so they got some extra laughs for the day in, also. Those fifteen minutes were some of the best we had all weekend, I'm tellin' ya.

My personal favorites.

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