Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Today is the day we've been looking forward to for over three months! Last night at 7:25 PM, TJ and I boarded a plane headed for Miami, we're currently preparing to board another one headed for Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and then board our Indiana Jones plane toward Port-de-Paix later this afternoon . This journey has been one that has been filled with so much favor and blessing from our gracious Lord Jesus, and I'm confident that He will continue to pour out His Spirit upon us as we go where He is leading us. We're not fearful, but excited, for everything we will see and do while we are there, but we are equally as excited for all the things that will be taking place on the home front while we're gone. Friends, we need your help.

In January, a small group of us rallied together to pray for His kingdom to come and His will do be done. We wanted to see more mountains moved and more faith multiplied and more hearts in love with our Savior. This wasn't just a one-time prayer, but a prayer that we have prayed twice a day since. Every morning and evening at 9:12, we simply stop whatever we're doing and sit at the Father's feet for a while. We beg for life-change. We pray for hearts to be softened. We ask that walls would be torn down. We earnestly request for love, grace, mercy, and truth to consume the nations. Based off of Matthew 9:12, we pray for the sick to be made healthy by His grace, just as we once were.

The faithfulness of our God throughout these past seven months has been so much more apparent; He has always been here among us, and He continually shows His love for us by faithfully responding to the requests we place at His feet. There is power in prayer, in making our desires known before God (Matthew 7:7 + Matthew 21:22 + John 14:13 + 1 John 5:14), and our desire is for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord, for every person to believe that He was raised from death to life by our mighty God, and for His name to be famous in all the earth (Romans 10:9). Just as Jesus went from death to life, so, too, did I when I acknowledged and accepted His grace. I want everyone to have what I have been given; I want joy to abound in the hearts of all mankind, for love to pour out of every word spoken, for mercy to be granted to those who deserve it least, for salvation to be thick across the nations, for the light of Christ to shine so brightly that darkness becomes a distant memory.

Many people have asked us, "How can we be praying for you while you are in Haiti?" Pray for favor and protection to guide us while we are there, and for us to look more and more like Christ as we continue to seek His face. Pray for Hope Vision Ministry and all the precious children who call it "home." Pray for a great awakening in the hearts of all people. Pray for the sick, that they may become righteous through the righteousness of Christ. Pray for your families, your friends, and the strangers you pass on the street. Partner with us in praying over all those who refuse the name and power of Jesus Christ. We have seen so many mind-blowing things since we have begun praying this prayer each morning and each night, and we invite you to see the Lord move in earth-shaking ways alongside us. Not just for the time we are in Haiti, but for the rest of our lives. We may not be together in the same place praying, but all of our voices have been lifted to our Father with one voice from all over the nation, and for the next five weeks, nations. May our message be the same as that of John the Baptist, Jesus, and Jesus' disciples: "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven in near!" (Matthew 3:2 + Matthew 4:17 + Mark 1:15)

"While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew's house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, 'Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?' On hearing this, Jesus said, 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick...For I have not come to call the righteous but sinners.'"
(Matthew 9:10-13)

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