Friday, August 30, 2013

greetings from port-de-paix!


We have been in Port-de-Paix, Haiti for three days now! We arrived shortly after three o'clock on Wednesday and have been hanging out with all the folks at Hope Vision Ministry since. The weather has been hot but great, the company is as entertaining as we remembered it to be, our internet is up and running, and the faithfulness of our Jesus is still beyond our wildest imagination. We are so blessed to be here, and it is our prayer that we would be stretched and used to further His kingdom in whatever way He sees fit. Please join us in praying that as we are poured out, we would, also, be filled. We are so thankful that He chose us to love this nation, and it is our prayer that you would seek to do the same in your neighborhood, workplace, and home. May the name of our Lord Jesus be strong in our weakness, and may He receive all glory due His name!

Speaking of glory, look at how we started our trip. Seriously, y'all, He paints the most beautiful pictures in our skies.

Y'all keep stalking now, ya hear? :)

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