Sunday, September 29, 2013

mister fix-it.

Cevens is one of the older boys at Hope Vision Ministry, and he is the craftiest, makin'-est thing I've ever seen. We constantly see him walking around looking for materials to make his next masterpiece. We got a glimpse of his workmanship back in November, but we've been able to see a lot built from start to finish over these past five weeks. Haiti Gospel Fund wrote a segment on him last month, and you can read it here, but Teesh and I loved to simply watch him work. He avoided the camera a lot of the time, but I didn't mind getting right into his business in order to show off his work to the world. Though he has built many small things, especially creations out of rocks, he did make two big items that I thought were beyond awesome.

First, he made a sail boat that we had the honor of watching him make + release into the great unknown:

Then, he made (drum roll please) A CAR!

He had many helpers along the way who were eager to watch him work and be his personal assistants, which made for a precious sight to see. He'll probably be a professional by the next time we see him!

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