Sunday, September 1, 2013

kyle + tasha.

Meet Kyle and Tasha.

We were blessed with the opportunity of meeting and getting to know these two during our four-hour wait for our flight from Port-au-Prince to Port-de-Paix. Their story is an exciting one, and we are so thankful to have heard it and get to pray over them as they prepare to embark on such an incredible journey. They are soon-to-be engineers from New Mexico, and are currently in Haiti for a week. Their future plans are to live in Port-de-Paix for two years starting in November, and they're here now on a vision trip to get a better idea of accommodations and any other necessary preparations that will need to be made before then.

TJ and I loved talking with them, and immediately began praying over them. Their adventure will be put on display for all to see here, and I invite you to stalk them alongside us as their story continues to unfold. Praise Jesus for calling us out into the unknown, and never failing to give us exactly what we need along the way.

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