Monday, September 16, 2013

the gang's all here!

Good news! The team from various churches in the Upstate arrived at Hope Vision last night around seven-thirty. It was great to see familiar faces as well as meet new friends as we prepare to work together this week at the site for the future home for our kiddos. Below is a picture of all the digging that has taken place over the past several days, and our ultimate goal is to have the foundation set by the end of the week. So exciting!

May the Lord move in ways we've never experienced over the next seven days, and may hearts draw nearer and nearer to their Creator. Our enemy may have a few tricks up his sleeve, but it's my prayer that we would boldly proclaim the name and power of Christ in the face of every attack. Please be in prayer for everyone here; we are so blessed to be able to use our hands and feet for the furthering of His kingdom this week!

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