Friday, September 20, 2013


Yesterday while the men went back out to the land, the ladies stayed at HVM to hang out with the kiddos. We held a VBS session at the school across the street, and many of the neighborhood children came, too. Rhonda, one of the team members from Simpsonville FBC, shared the story of the gospel, and then everyone made a craft with stickers and a foam cross. After a mad dash to the door to get candy, two of the older boys stuck around and ended up confessing Jesus as Lord. EEEEEEK! Our God is so faithful. All praise to Him!

Later on in the afternoon, after lunch and resting, all of the HVM kiddos gathered around the tables to decorate t-shirts. Paint was everywhere and things got pretty chaotic with forty kids all wanting the exact same color at the exact same time (funny how that always seems to be the case, huh?), but now everyone has cool new shirt to show off.

The fellas finished up their goal for the week yesterday, too, which is a huge accomplishment. What's even better is that three of the Haitian workers who were on-site with them all week confessed Jesus as Lord just as the team was preparing to depart. Two others recommitted their lives to Christ, as well. And, again, I say...EEEEEK! There is nothing more exciting than His creation returning to Him in submission and adoration. May the glory of our gracious, loving, and sinless King + Savior + friend fill the entire world. Our God reigns!

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