Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today, three years ago, Troy Jerome Bargeron asked me to be his wife. Today, three years later, we are surrounded by more love than mere words could ever describe, more favor than we ever thought possible, and more light than we can attempt to hide. I knew that our life together would be my dream come true, I just never thought that my dreams would be outdone by this life. Every day is a blessing, and my Teesh is more and more perfect-for-me with every second of every day. I didn't think I could be more excited to be Mrs. Bargeron on September 4, 2010, but I constantly become more and more excited. The wife of the greatest man ever made? That's me. No one ever expects all their dreams to come true, but so many of mine have since that beautiful fall day.

Teesh, I'm so thankful I said yes. I hope I continue to have the same response as we walk through every adventure the Lord blesses us with. Hand-in-hand. Always and forever. You and me.

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