Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Our first work day with the team was a good one, indeed. We began our day together in prayer, ate a quick breakfast, and then hit the road to the Far West. The morning was filled with planning + preparation, and the afternoon was filled with digging + measuring. While the men used their muscles, I stalked their every move while playing with several local kiddos on the side. The sun was hot, but the breeze was a nice treat in the midst of the heat; we all have lovely tan lines to show just how present the sun was! Everyone was surprised + impressed with how well we worked together, and I'm excited to see how the rest of the week continues as we get to know each other better.

When half the men left to get the cement mixers, the ladies went with them and spent the afternoon with our kiddos at Hope Vision Ministry. We got the see the last few minutes of their precious craft time as they showed off all the beautiful bags they had decorated each to their own liking. I was thankful to watch their creative juices flow even just for a little while, and something tells me that they'll be toting their masterpieces around for a long, long time.

Join me in asking for more of the Lord's favor to be poured out on us again today and every other day. I'm so thankful to be surrounded by so many obedient people, and it is my prayer that His kingdom would penetrate any darkness we encounter as we set out to labor in His name.

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