Friday, February 20, 2015

baby lilla.

This past Sunday, we celebrated our beautiful friend + mommy-to-be, Wimberly, and her soon-to-be daughter, sweet baby Lilla. We have had many opportunities over the past six month to perfect our art, and the baby shower professionals united to exercise our talents for the fourth time since the end of June. Maddox, Crawford, and Braxton were all spoiled in the same way, and it was so much fun to decorate in pink for the first time! We ate until our hearts were content + made homemade onesies + prayed specific prayers based on Proverbs 31 over Lilla + laughed + enjoyed watching Wimberly's glow become more profound as the afternoon went on. If this baby girl is anything like her mommy, she will be a beautiful instrument in the kingdom of God.

As much fun as us mommies have together, it makes me giddy with excitement to think about how our kiddos will grow up to be best friends, too. So much to be thankful for right now, as well as so much to look forward to in the years to come. We can't wait to meet you + welcome you into our world, baby Lilla!

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