Monday, February 23, 2015

then and now.

I once thought of you while you were in my womb + daydreamed about what your sweet face and little limbs would look like. Now, I get to stare at you whenever I want + memorize you from head to toe as you grow and change each day.

I once held you with my hands + rubbed you in hopes that you would instantly know my touch. Now I hold you in my arms while I praise God every single time I cuddle you close to me + squeeze your cheeks + rub your belly + grasp your tiny hands + kiss you all over + simply exchange smiles with you.

You have gone from living in my womb to living in my arms, and I love that I still get to carry you with me everywhere I go. It's still hard for me to fathom that you're really here with us and that our gracious Father picked me to be your mommy forever, but I'm so thankful that it's true. I've never known a sweeter, more steadfast time than this, and your daddy + I have loved you more with every passing second since you became ours. Six weeks have come + gone, and they have taught me more than I even realize about you, your daddy, myself, our God, the world we know now, and the world we will know in eternity.

Braxton Michael, I can't wait to keep watching you, teaching you, and loving you.

*All photos above were taken by my dear friend, the incredibly talented Emilie Carol Uphoff

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