Tuesday, December 29, 2015

baby's first Christmas.

We began our Christmas celebrations on December 20th, and we are just wrapping up for the season. Big families call for multiple gatherings, and adding an almost-toddler into the mix made for some interesting celebrating (who knew?). He got lots of goodies from family + friends, and his favorite gifts were boxes, tissue paper, and toys with bright lights. He used his beloved pointer finger and cute little "ooo!" in unison when he was excited about something, and he crawled + cruised all over the place while everyone watched him take in everything around him. We all agreed that he added exponential amounts of joy, thankfulness, and excitement to this Christmas, and I was so proud to look at him, even when he was across the room, and think to myself, "I'm so glad he's mine."

I won't ever forget how much love he received throughout this sweet season, and his daddy + I look forward to showing him these pictures one day so he can giggle along with us. There are lots of reasons that this year will always tug on my heart strings, and his life is at the top of my list.

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