Wednesday, December 9, 2015

born to be tacky.

We all stepped up our game from last year, making this the tackiest celebration yet. There were lots of yummy dishes to share and festive props to pose with, as well a pretty intense game of Dirty Santa and voting for the tackiest attire. As usual, we had the best time together, and all of us were much less distracted because we decided to make this a no-kids-allowed event. Some good, old fashioned grown-up fun was refreshing for everyone's soul, and my cheeks were literally hurting from all the smiles + laughter we shared with each other. This framily has been through a looooooot together over the past few years, and there are no words to describe just how wonderful it is that the same people who pray, grieve, and cry with + for you are, also, the ones who have unending amounts of fun with you, too. God has, indeed, blessed this little group of ours, and we are so, so thankful for His favor on us.
Merry Christmas from the tackiest community group on the block!

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