Friday, December 4, 2015

christmas | then + now.

Last year at Christmastime, I was becoming a mama to our unborn son. This year, our precious miracle is big enough to not only stare at the lights on our Christmas tree, but, also, to point to them while looking at me with bright, awe-filled eyes that ask, "What's this, mama?" When I reflect on how far we've come since this time last December, my eyes fill with tears, my heart fills with thankfulness, and I have to catch my breath from the flood of emotions that instantly fill me all over. The ability to watch the promises of God unfold before my eyes is a gift that I will never grow weary in treasuring, and the life that He has entrusted to Teesh and me is a promise that we have been able to celebrate from the very beginning. As exciting as Christmas was before, introducing our baby boy to it for the first time is exponentially more thrilling. Mmm, I'd be a fool to wish a single day of this magical season away.

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