Saturday, December 12, 2015

braxton michael | eleven months.

My oh my, what a full month you have had, little one! As of today, you are eleven months old, and me...well, I'm stuck somewhere between giddy with excitement + pride and overwhelmed with disbelief. Before I began writing this I looked back through each of my previous letters to you, and it legitimately makes my mind swirl around + around to think on my current reality: next month, you will be a year old. One whole year with the little guy who calls me what no one else has before: mama. Wow. Sweet baby boy, there is no way that I can tell you just how much you mean to me, just how much I love you.

Okay, okay, okay, enough with the emotional mom talk (for now)...You're still learning and growing and becoming more handsome with each passing second, little one. You, also, have become quite the little destroyer this past month, too! You love to take your books off the bookshelf, tear apart your foam cubes, beat on any + every hard surface you put your hands on (future drummer?), take food off of the shelves in the kitchen, and knock mommy's coffee off of the coffee table (I'll be honest, kid...this mess is my least favorite to clean up). Usually, I just sit back and watch you figure your world out (except the coffee part...) while listening to you talk to yourself. I often wonder what you're trying to say, and it makes me giggle to see that cute personality of yours make itself known. You're still working on your balancing skills, and daddy + I love to sit back and watch you try to decide if you're brave enough to just let go. You still love to eat (daddy says it's a Bargeron thing), and food is one of the things that calms you down best (mommy loves goldfish as much as you do, especially when you start getting grumpy).There isn't a food that you've tried that you won't eat, kiddo! You had your first lemon a few weeks ago, too, and we all had our cameras out + eyes fixed on your face while we waited for what we were sure would be a priceless reaction. Instead, you sucked out the juice and grunted for more. Say whaaaat? I've never known a baby (or even many adults at that) to like lemons, but you ate the whole thing like a champ. I guess I should've known that when I pray that you would be strong + courageous in all walks of life, that includes eating sour foods, too, huh? You crack me up, silly boy! You have six teeth (chomp! chomp!) with no more trying to cut through at the moment. I'd be lying if I said I didn't appreciate this break in the teething's been a tough couple of months for both of us, and I am gladly embracing this "time off" (no matter how long it is, whew). You still nurse four times a day, and you better believe I will be soaking in every minute of "our" time during this last month before our schedule changes (cue ugly cry). 

You and I went to Beaufort last month for a dear friend's wedding, then we celebrated daddy's birthday a few days later. You, also, ate your first Thanksgiving meal, had several play dates with your buddies, woke up from a nap to find that your home overflowing with red + green decorations at the beginning of Advent, went to your first Christmas parade, and did so many other things that mommy didn't capture in still frames. December is upon us, Christmas festivities are ready + waiting to be checked off the list, and your daddy + I are thrilled to watch you experience all of it for the first time. You have changed our world in so many ways, and we wouldn't go back to the way things were even if we could. I can't wait to experience this joyful season through your eyes, little one. We love you sooooooo much!

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