Wednesday, December 23, 2015

full of light.

Remember that time we made a last-minute decision to see some local lights instead of driving to Hollywild mainly because the family we usually go with couldn't go? And remember when we got in line at the local place just as this same family was walking up the hill to get in line, too? What a thrilling surprise to meet our Cribb family unexpectedly to keep our light-seeing tradition alive! I'm still amazed that it happened, and we decided that very night to never try to break tradition again because we obliviously aren't supposed to see lights apart from each other.

We ventured to TNT Lights in Mauldin for some hot chocolate, popcorn, a very entertaining visit with Santa, and wandering through hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights + festive decor. We learned of this house in 2013, and it instantly became an annual event that we look forward to every December. Braxton pointed and "ooooo!"ed with each new scene he saw, making my heart melt over + over again. Liam kept us entertained while we walked, and Addy was strutting her stuff in her birthday attire.

Another memory to be thankful for has been etched into my mind, and I pray that I never forget the lessons I learned on this day: 1) good things are always worth the wait, 2) Santa really isn't as popular as people say he is (just ask Braxton), 3) God's plans are always better than the ones we make for ourselves, 4) light always trumps darkness, and 5) good friends are among the most precious things in the world.
"Let's take a selfie," we said. "The kiddos will surely cooperate," we hoped. "Well, that's as good as we are going to get," we laughed. Our group picture may not be full of smiles, but it's full of something even better: life.

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