Monday, August 30, 2010

drifter or stranger, father or son. I'll look for Jesus in every one.

I love how songs have the ability to reach straight into your heart and do one of two things: break it or put it back together. It really is an incredible thing. Earlier this morning, for instance, I was watching CMT and heard Toby Keith's new song, Trailerhood. I laughed for a good twenty minutes after it went off, annnnnd now that I'm thinking about it again, the laughter is back. Even ridiculous songs (in all their brilliance) have power over our thoughts, make us laugh, and that laughter, in some unexplainable way, helps mend our hearts.

Then there are the songs that break them. Or do a little breaking and mending at the same time. I heard a song for the first time today that did just that. The Twenty-First Time by Monk & Neagle. If you haven't heard it, you need to. If you have, then I want to encourage you to listen to it again. I have to remind myself daily to die to my yucky, sinful tendencies. Not just for my own good, but for the good of everyone around me. I'm a hypocrite, and I make and break promises all the time. I mess up and let people that I love down. I ignore the calling of God in my life. I see opportunities and don't take them. I fear things that can't hurt me, and I let silly things steal my good moods.

But I trust in the power of the almighty Savior who died so I could live, not a life that I just barely survive through, but one in which I can thrive and grow and learn and make a difference. I have hope and love and confidence in the One who conquered death. How selfish would I be if I kept that to myself? If I am the body and I drink of the wine, then it is my calling to go out into the world and share the love of Christ with it. How many excuses do I have to make before I'm finally convicted of my disobedience? What will it take for me to love the world in the same way that I claim to love Jesus?

Learn from my mistakes of yesterday, love people as best as I can today, and be thankful there's more than the twenty-first time to love them even better. Love. That's what I want to be known for. That's what I want my legacy to be.

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    I was listening to this while reading your blog... and the last stanza touched me so much.. god bless you..


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