Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hales & P. Sawyer do Wilmington, take FOUR.

When I woke up this morning, I knew today would be incredible. Not only was I leaving to go to Wilmington for five days, but I was going with my dear, dear P. Sawyer. Uninterrupted quality time with this girl is always the best. As we both are sitting in silence on our king size bed with our backs against the head board, our feet extended and crossed, and our Dell computers on our laps, I am thinking to myself how blessed I am to have such an irreplaceable friend. I thank Jesus for this girl every single day, and there is no one I'd rather have by my side on these trips! I just love my, P. Sawyer. :o)
Hales & P. Sawyer do Wilmington, take FOUR!
So, our schedule for today went a little something like this: we left my house around 4:45 p.m. and drove into Wilmington a mere four and a half hours later. There was absolutely no traffic (it's clear I'm not in LA anymore) and we made it here in record timing. Saweeeet! The first thing we did was park downtown and go to the Brewery for some dinner. My BBQ and sweet potato fries were on time, that's a fact. After we finished dinner, we decided to go for a little stroll up and down Front St. That may have been the best decision of the entire trip, because...
meet my babydaddy.
WE RAN INTO JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He EVEN made small talk with US! "So, where are ya'll from?" was his question, and thankfully, P. Sawyer fulfilled her role as my translator and answered him. I was too busy trying not to pass out or scream bloody murder. P. Sawyer took a picture with him first, and  then it was my turn! I need everyone to pay close attention to this next sentence. Ready? Okay, here is it...I didn't make my excited face! I actually look NORMAL for once in a picture! P. Sawyer was SO proud of me! You should be, too. That is the first time in OTH history that I haven't made the most terrible face while taking a picture with someone. Thank GOODNESS I was able to pull it together and show my big girl side to James. I waited until we got all the way to the car before I even made a peep...and then I busted wide open.

I immediately called Teeeesh and when the only thing he heard for the first twenty seconds of our conversation was me screaming, he asked, "You met James didn't you?!?!?!" Oh boyfriend, you know me so well. The funniest part about it was that he quickly added this to his comment: "Is it bad that I'm the first person you call to tell when you meet the other man you love?" HA! Bless him!
these are our "WE MET JAMES!!!!!!!" faces!
After I was finally able to settle down enough to drive without wrecking, we went to Walmart to buy season 7...except they only had one copy. Awesome. Target was closed and the gypsy told us that there was another Walmart nearby, but there definitely wasn't one. So, tomorrow we are going to Target first-thing to buy our copies. If Target doesn't have them, then we're going to Best Buy. And if Best Buy doesn't have them, then we will surely die. We waited to buy our copies until we were in Wilmy to make it more memorable, since it may be the last season, so we bettttttttta get them!

We're still laying on the bed in the exact same position we were when I first started writing. P. Sawyer is looking up filming information, because she's the best at it. She finds out where we need to go, and I am responsible for getting us there. Basically, we make the perfect team.

I could go home right now and be the happiest girl in the world. Always (and forever). If our first day was this epic, I have high, high hopes for the rest of the week. Fourth time's a charm? I'm thinking yes. Definitely yes. :)

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