Thursday, August 5, 2010

trying to hold on to every passing moment.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be home in less than 40 hours. South Carolina. Home sweet home. I seriously cannot wait. This was my prayer earlier today: “God, please don’t let me hurt anyone when I give out my tackle hugs. Because we both know how out-of-control my adrenaline is going to be.” Seriously. And I’m not even being dramatic. WAHOOOOOO! See, I’m just thinking about it and I’m freaking out. Ya’ll better watch out, over there! You have been warned. :o)

my sweet Anna :) happy to be in the company of a fellow TIGER!
Last night I had the pleasure of sipping a cup of coffee in the cutest coffee shop in the whole world. Before we left the café to go see her apartment and introduce me to her hubby (who was amazing, by the way!), we were serenaded by a man playing the saxophone outside (who we referred to as Kenny G all night) and even planned our next date: comin’ back to Zephyr. Only this time, we’re going to try out their other specialty…HOOKAH. I better get some Advil in my system before that though, since I’m a pansy smoker who always gets a headache after two puffs. And proud of it. Right, P. Sawyer?

SPEAKING of P. Sawyer…HOLY COW BATMAN. Not only did she, B. Davis, and Adrienne casually run into James, but they also ran into Rob and Shantel like twenty minutes later. And today, they simply hung out inside of TRIC for nearly an hour. I WOULD miss a trip of such epic proportions. Tomorrow they are going to filming at the Dixie Grill AND Clothes Over Bros, both of which I have never been able to witness filming at. Please please PUHHHHLEEEEASE let us have such good fortune when I get to go later this month. If not, I will surely die. Okay, that was a tad bit dramatic. But I can promise you that I will  want to for a few seconds! At least two of my best friends are having a great time—that’s all you can really ask for, right? For me, yep!

So before I head home (YIPPEEEEEEE!) on Friday morning at 6:40 a.m., I have to say goodbye to the Outdoor Adventures office…tomorrow. Sheeeeesh. I’ll miss all the paperwork, my ancient computer, randomly stopping in the middle of nearly every workday just to sit and chat with Anne, Jen, and Will, seeing Darrell walk in the office with a bag full of fresh fruits and veggies (that always become my dinner that day), making phone calls until I’m blue in the face, and so much more. The past few days, I’ve been done with all my work by like 2 o’clock every day, but I stayed in the office anyways…just to take it all in and savor my last few hours there. Lame or not, I will definitely miss it a whoooooole lot. I hope I get a job that is half as incredible as the one I’ve been doing for the past three months. They even treated me to lunch today at an adorable little Italian bistro in La Verne (and Shirley…okay not really, but I always think of that when I hear it). I had fried salmon drizzled in cream sauce, sautéed spinach, and white rice with thin caramelized carrot strips in it. To. Die. For. SO YUMMY! I wanted to watch Letters to Juliet (aka my 6th favorite movie) all day after that. Too bad it doesn’t come out until September 14th, making that date even MORE spectacular. Who knows why? Anyone? If you don’t, then you should…it’s going to be one HECK of a day!

Welp, now that I have successfully redesigned my blog (which I have to do every few months because I love changing things up), I’m going to go pack my bag for home. 

YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY! And then I’m going to bed early, since I’ve been going to bed so late recently (FYI, a “late night” for me is 11 o’clock). Awesome, I know.
The next time we're all together again will be at MY graduation. YAY!
"Where we love is home; home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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