Tuesday, August 3, 2010

just a day, just an ordinary day.

Today was incredible for many, many reasons. Not only did I have a wonderful weekend spent with the beautiful Marisa (I just love that sweet thing!), but I also had an incredible night of sleep that followed some intense roommate bonding over The Bachelorette season finale. And since we’re on the subject, how PRECIOUS are Ali and Roberto? I have to admit, I was Team Chris all the way…mostly because his sweet, genuine, gentle, boy-next-door persona reminded me of my Teeesh. :o) But last night, I seriously teared up like twenty times while watching them. This was definitely my favorite season, hands down. Wahoooo for Alberto!

Today at work, I got to facilitate my very first assessment. YAY! The best part? It went SUPER well. Double YAY! I have felt like a real Recreation Specialist a lot during my internship, but today was definitely the most tangible experience. I have learned SO much over these past 14 weeks; things that I had never even heard of before starting my internship were rolling off my lips like I was a pro, which I am still FAR from. But it does feel so wonderful knowing I have progressed and become stronger in so many areas. I can’t wait to start my profession and the next chapter of my life. I guess it’s a good thing since I GRADUATE from COLLEGE in FOUR days. Umm, is this real life? Am I really about to be a Clemson University Alumni? Someone pinch me! I remember dressing up in my little Clemson cheerleader outfit and dreaming that I was a Tiger. The cheerleader thing didn’t work out (at all), but the being a Tiger part definitely did. Holy moses, I can’t believe it!

Okay, back to my day (since we all know how good I am at going off on wild tangents)…I got off work 30 minutes early, talked to my seeeester on the phone during the ride back to my apartment, and found out some phenomenal news: Clarkin and Katie are doing the SAME half-marathon and me and Mellywhack are doing in February! YIPPEEEEEE! Now we get to CARPOOL to Orlando together, be ROOMIES for a whole weekend, and (the grand finale)…wear TIARAS in the Disney Princess Half-Marathan! BEST. DAY. EVER. I can’t wait! I absolutely loooooooove loooooooove L-O-V-E it when God surprises me with things like that…which, by the way, happen all the time. When I told Melly, the first thing she said was, “Dang, I need to follow you around more. God blesses you too much for me not to!” Haha, that’s my sister. And I love her!

I also talked to my P. Sawyer on the phone today. YAY! Well, kind of. I loooooved hearing from her, but her news sent me into a temporary state of deep depression. Who can guess what it is? Who knows me well enough? Emilie Carol knew EXACTLY what it was, as did Melly and Teeesh. Here it goes…she, B. Davis, and their friend Adrienne ran into James in downtown Wilmington. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. James Lafferty. Aka my husband, the one I dream of growing old with, the one who makes me have asthma attacks just by hearing his name. I screamed bloody murder when she told me, out of excitement…and then realized that I wasn’t there. I felt MUCH better when she told me that both her AND B. Davis were making my excited face (it’s famous) in their pictures. It’s just like I was there…living vicariously through my soul mate! I can’t even think of anything else except for this right now: “3 WEEKS! 3 WEEKS! 3 WEEKS! And then it will be my turn!” August 24th, I can’t wait til you’re here! Oh, and how out-of-this-world my P. Sawyer and B. Davis are. I honestly could not be more thankful for them. They just met James, and they have both been sending me messages saying how weird it is that I’m not there with them. How in the WORLD did I get such INCREDIBLE friends? It isn’t possible for me to love them anymore than I already do.

Pretty amazing day so far, huh? Well, it gets better. In just a few minutes, I am heading to Pasadena, CA to meet my precious friend Anna Jackson ROGERS (because she is a WIFE now!) for a coffee date. I seriously CANNOT WAIT to see her! How CRAZY is it that two Clemson girls are living 20 minutes away from each other…across the country? Wowzers! I have a feeling that we’ll be talking for quite a while, so I am anticipating another late night tonight. And I couldn’t be more excited about that! Not only does she have the best name in the world, but she’s also got one of the sweetest spirits of anyone I’ve ever met. Just seeing her face tonight is going to be enough to make my whole week. What gets better than a great conversation, a hot cup of coffee, and a wonderful friend?

I love days like today. The ones where everything just seems to fit right into place. Most of my days are like that, which I totally don’t deserve but am always so thankful for. This day also has added significance…ready for this? I will be back in South Carolina in THREE DAYS! There are SO many people getting break-neck hugs and they ALL better be ready for when I come charging out of the terminal. I love California with every beat of my heart, but you know what they say…there’s no place like home. Before these three months, I never knew how true those words were. I also never realized how much my body depends on sweet tea. Sheeesh!

Until next time, aloha. :o)

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