Thursday, August 26, 2010

swing back by tomorrow night, sugababy.

First thing's first: we got our season 7 DVDs this morning! YAY! Target had three copies. And now, they only have one...they can thank us later. :) After we rode around searching for some rumored filming (which was just that--a rumor), we did a little (or a lot, depending which way you look at it) shopping on Front Street, had lunch at the Dixie Grill, and walked along the riverwalk (of course, I had to re-sign my tutor table since they wash them off every so often!).
at last, my love has come along.
Remember when I said we ate at Dixie Grill? And remember that time we met our smooooooth friend, Stevo, last August while we were sitting at the bar? Anddddddd remember that time we saw him again today? SAWEET! We were basically freaking out with excitement--so much so that we re-introduced ourselves to him...and he remembered us too! That made our stalker meter go down quite a bit (whew!), and we even got a picture with our long-time, reacquainted friend. Pretty cool that this is like our anniversary trip and we saw him. I love it when God surprises us with little things like that! They're my favorite!
I even got to see where Peyton and Lucas' scene was filmed--the one where the Comet breaks down and he comes to tow her. Now THAT was one HECK of a sight to see! The words "Why are guys such jerks?!" kept replaying over and over in my head the entire time we were there. Well, that and "Oh my GOODNESS, look at that GATOR!" Yes, you read that right. The body of water shown behind them in that scene is filled with gators. Yikes! One of them followed us wherever we moved and watched every step we took--creepy yet so cool at the same time! One day my curiosity is going to get me in trouble...but not today! :o)
at Lucas & Peyton's spot!
We made a pit-stop at the hotel for a while (long enough for me to nap away my migraine with the help of some Excedrin and for P. Sawyer to read a little), and you can bet your hard-earned dollar (shout out to good ole' Travis) we watched the gag reel as soon as we came back to our room. Just once. Okay, twice. Real talk: we watched it five times back-to-back. It's our favorite and this season was nothing short of HILARIOUS! I really feel like I know the actors/actresses when I watch it--basically, we should be best friends and all that jazz. Butttttt since my time hasn't come yet, I live in this fantasy world that I'm the peanut butter to their jelly.

We headed back to Front Street for dinner at The Reel Cafe, one of our favorite spots. We even saw Stephanie Treventi while we were eating, which was such a pleasant surprise! Hopefully we'll see her again on Saturday when we go to the studio tour at Screen Gems! After dinner we stopped in at The Liquid Room (located at 23 Market Street...emphasis on the 23, of course!) for a about half an hour, and when we left and were walking up the street, guess who we saw. James AND Stephen. They were across the street, and we decided not to bother them since we had just seen James the night before. Seeing him two nights in a row? Seriously? HEAVEN! That really is the only way to describe how I feeeeeeeeel. We also passed Josh (whose real name is Paul Teal, who played Alex (Jana Kramer)'s co-star in Julian's movie this season! We couldn't remember his name and had to google it (oh, the shame), so we missed the chance to meet him. P. Sawyer is sleeping right now, but I can betcha that she's dreaming about kicking herself in the hiney for giving up three different opportunities to meet cast members. Me, on the other hand, am still so stunned from meeting James that I don't think anything will upset me. Maybe ever again. Well, not for a while at least. :-P

Once we came back to the hotel for the night, we only had one last thing to do before getting ready for bed: put that self-timer to work and keep up the tradition of taking outrageous pictures! No onesies were involved this time (dangy), but we did wear our matching Tree Hill t-shirts that we purchased earlier today at Poodles. We had quite a lot of fun for about and hour and a half doing the most ridiculous things we could think of. We rearranged the room so we could use the couch as a launch pad for jumping on the bed and had an intense 15-minute pillow fight. What that means is that tonight was, that's all. It wouldn't be a Hales & P. Sawyer trip to Wilmy without a little child-like behavior. Man oh man, do I love that girl to pieces!

our super fly t-shirts!
a girl is never to old for a good old-fashioned pillow fight!
Tomorrow should be a grrrrrrreat day--there is definitely filming at Clothes Over Bros, meaning that there's a good chance we'll see Sophia and Austin, and there's also the possibilty that Sophia and Joy will be filming at the bridge. We're going to scope out everything to make sure we don't miss a beat, don't you worry! ;) I'm so excited to see my first filming bit of season 8! YIPPEEEEE! Tomorrow is going to be epic. I just know it.

It's currently 1:18 a.m. and I have to be up in less than six hours. I believe that's my cue to turn in for the night. Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite! :)

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