Sunday, August 29, 2010

"mom, I don't do that anymore!" well, ladies and gentlemen, P. Sawyer does.

Today was our last day in Wilmington for a while. Booooo. I always hate leaving that place, and this time was even sadder since we had so many incredible memories added to our tally this week! Just like there's something in the hills of Clemson that keeps drawing me back, there's also something in Wilmington that keeps me wanting more and more of it. Aside from all the One Tree Hill madness, I genuinely just love that place. I begin my job hunt this upcoming week and something tells me that I'll be looking for something in that direction. :)

Onto today...we woke up, showered, and checked out of our hotel by 11 o'clock. Then we made our way to the top of one of the parking garages downtown to take some pictures of the city from the top deck. After we got some great shots and enjoyed a beautiful view, we met up with our new friends at Nikki's Sushi Bar on Front St. I seriously can't believe how nice all the people we met this time were--usually none of the fans even remotely speak to each other, and before this trip we had only met two girls who we enjoyed hanging out with and talking to (shout out to you, Treventi and Staadt!). We all got to share stories at lunch, and the crowd favorites were P. Sawyer and my encounter with James and Stephen last night. Just in case you're wondering, I am still giddy today. I was on cloud nine before all that I'm on like cloud 392753895702710239847. But seriously, it was really great to get to know so many incredible girls! It was especially hard to tell Lena, Maria, and Laura bye today because the five of us got the closest out of everyone. I won't ever forget those girls, that's for sure!
all the OTH girls! :)
After lunch, we went to my very first farmer's market! We got there right as everything was shutting down (dangy), but we were able to purchase one thing: we both bought our very first bottles of wine. Strange? Oh yes. And why is that? Well, that's an easy one--I hate wine. I've tried it on several occasions and I've never been able to take more than a few sips because it's been so terrible. This muscadine wine, on the other hand, was absolutely delicious! For only $10, it was a steal that we couldn't pass up. I can't wait to pop open the bottle and have my first glass of wine that I will actually enjoy! YAY!
excited for my first farmer's market. yay!
Next up, we went to Kilwin's to get some ice cream and ended up taking home a bucket souvenir--saweeeeeet! My Wilmington Mud flavored ice cream hit the spot (fo sho!), and P. Sawyer thoroughly enjoyed her mint chocolate chip flavor, too. We looooooooove us some Kilwin's! We met up with Adrienne and Mama Karen for a few minutes to say our farewells, and then left downtown to begin our 5-hour trip back to Gvegas. First pit-stop of the journey home: a visit to the rivercourt, of course! We walked around, took a few pictures, said "see ya later" to our favorite place on the planet, and then continued on our way.
I love ice cream welp, I've turned a new leaf, ladies and gentlemen!
happy anniversary to us being in Wilmington!
Second pit-stop of the day: Rush's in Columbia for dinner. The best part? MICHAL MET US THERE! Heck yes! This was also P. Sawyer's first time eating at Rush's (can you believe that?) and it was a wonderful success. Yippeeeeeee! We finally arrived back at the house around 9:15 p.m., hung out with the family for a bit, told a few of our favorite stories, and now we're laying in bed. P. Sawyer is chatting it up with Melissa right now, and it is SUCH a blessing to hear that girl's voice. I cannot WAIT to see her on Monday night! And p.s. did I mention that Will loves P. Sawyer? Well, he does. And I love that he does! They bonded over youtube videos tonight, and it was absolutely precious. Bless them!
two of the BEST friends a girl could EVER ask for. <3
Tomorrow is going to be VERY exciting, too. That's because I get to start my day off with P. Sawyer, continue it with breakfast with my best friend since the second grade (I love you, Ellybeth!), hang out with my Scooterboot all day afterwards, and then hopefully Melly will let me have another slumber party at her and Liz's apartment. YAY! And thennnnnn on Monday, I get to hang out with Scooterboot some more, and then the grand finale to the two-day fiasco...REUNITED WITH MY SMALL GROUP! YESSSSS! I am so excited to see their beautiful faces after four months of barely surviving without them!

Welp, that concludes my Wilmington tales for a few weeks. That's right, we will be going back as soon as we're able to! DEFINITELY for P. Sawyer's birthday weekend, but hopefully we'll be able to squeak a trip in before then, too. Fingers crossed!

My bed is calling my name. And I'm, without a doubt, so ready to answer that call. Goodnight from a girl who has way more blessings in her life than she could even begin to deserve. :)

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